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Excuses for Economic Misbehavior

A friend of mine was asking the other day why we can’t have a working economy that cares for people.  Good question – why can’t we?

Somehow we have come to believe that the economy is unrestrainable.  It exists as a whirling cloud of dollars and cents over and around us, and we, as a society, cannot control nor shape it.

While we continue to build better buildings that protect us from whatever Mother Nature throws at us, and create better health care practices to protect us from disease, we think we have no tools to protect us from the forces of economics.  But we do.  We are smart enough and caring enough to shape an economy that does protect our values while also growing wealth and providing goods and services.

There are no excuses for our economic misbehavior.  Instead, we need to take the time to train and lead the economic bull instead of letting it run roughshod over our society.