About Me


I’ve been a techie geek since the early 90s. I also own a gourmet coffee house/ cafe, The Meeting Place on Market, in downtown Lima, Ohio (rust belt icon, and setting of popular TV show, Glee). I’m the wife of Kevin, and the mom of 3 great kids.

Jennifer Brogee, Certified Usability Analyst

Email me at jennifer (at) mystaffingpro.com.

– Jennifer Brogee

Thank you to Human Factors International for the CUA of the Month designation!


3 responses to “About Me

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  2. Jennifer got a question for you:

    When should a person tell their employer they are considering another looking for another job. I’ve always been under the impression that if you were pretty integral to the company or had a good working relationship with your supervisor; that you would give your boss a head’s up before looking.

    But other’s I’ve talked to have said they wouldn’t say anything until after they secured alternative employment. Am I being too naive in my opinion? How can your current employer get a chance to counter an offer, or make an accommodation to keep you if you blindside them like this?


  3. Jennifer Brogee

    I think it depends on the employee’s relationship with the company. Some companies would treat that type of acknolwedgement with respect, other companies would over-react, and “punish” the employee. Hopefully there is a respectful relationship on both sides that would encourage honest communication, but an employee needs to be confident in what type of reaction s/he will get from the company before sharing that type of info.

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