Grade Your Career Site for Usability

Out of order because of usability issuesWhen I was in Jr. High I used to love those quizzes in the teen magazines that helped me rate my fashion intelligence (never that good), or ranked me on my “friendability.”  I know the quizzes are still there because my daughter recently subjected me to her favorite one.  Taking it was fun, in a retro kind of way.  Because of that, our IT team put together a nifty quiz to score your career site against an optimal applicant experience!


After you take the quiz, if you find some holes in your candidate experience, sign-up for the webinar I’ll be  hosting on November 9th on “10 Essential Strategies for Making Your Career Site Usable, Not Confusable.”

Webinar registration:

Stay tuned for the 10 essentials in future blogs!


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