Three Things

Unless we’ve got loads of cash and can choose exactly how we spend our time, we’re probably spending some time on things that are a bit mundane.  Whether it’s doing laundry, replying to too many emails in a day, or whatever, we can get worn down by tasks not of our choosing.

That’s why one day I was feeling sorry for myself and pondering how I could inject more meaningful activity into my daily routine.  Although I am privileged to be able to exercise creativity through by job in software design, it’s still not the same as creating something Just Because.  So, I was driving down the road wondering when I’d be able to “do what I want”, such as be a pop star and famous author, and complaining to God about emails and laundry, when a voice seemed to whisper to me:  sing, pray, write.

Sing.  Pray.  Write.  Sing, because I love to.  Pray, because it connects me to my life source.  Write, because it exercises my creative energy.

All of these things are things I can do each day.  I can sing to a CD on my way to work.  I can write a quick blog over my lunch hour.  I can pray at any time.  And when I take the small amount of time necessary for doing these things, I feel refreshed, energized, and more engaged in life.

What three things energize you?


2 responses to “Three Things

  1. Three things that energize me:

    1. Good cup of coffee – Anything can be handled with a good cup of coffee.
    2. Great tunes on some great headphones. Currently rocking Beats Solo HD Reds
    3. Nice long walk – A good walk away from the computer in sunlight and fresh air can do wonders for creativity.

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