15 Years of Running a Race

15 years ago, on a very hot August day, my husband and I tied the knot.  It was a beautiful wedding, more so because of the family and friends who came to support us, than the decorations.  We loved dancing and celebrating with everyone at our reception (we have a lot of crazy family members, but we like it that way).

To be honest, our wedding was one of the high points of our marriage… not because it was “all downhill from there”, but because the wedding represented dreams and hopes that could be – the sky was the limit.

I’ve re-calibrated my dreams since then.  It’s not about what goals I can accomplish, but rather who I attempt to accomplish them with.  I’ve been so thankful to be able to run the race over the last 15 years with my husband at my side.  We may face detours, get stuck in the mud, or run out of energy, but we’re doing it together.

This summer has been a rough one for a few reasons.  First of all, our air conditioning died before the record hot temperatures even began. Heat waves are bad enough with air conditioning, and even worse without (I found out how cranky weather can make me).  Secondly, we’ve had to prop up our business with cash because of the flagging economy, which leaves no money for other things like fixing air conditioning or going on vacation.  I’ve definitely had better summers.

Life just doesn’t make sense if we focus on the tangibles, like money, things, house, job titles, sales figures, and popularity.  We can sink into depression when those are taken away.  When we focus on intangibles like love, faith and hope, it can still be 100 degrees inside the house, and sales figures can be in the tank, and life can still make sense.  Yes, people can also disappoint us, but love,
faith and hope are always found in God, and often found in those around us.

So Kevin, here’s to 15 years of love, faith and hope!  I’m looking forward to many more years of running the race together.


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