Top 10 Reasons to Leave Work Early


One of my co-workers, who shall remain un-named, comes up with a lot of creative reasons to leave work early.  I started keeping track of them, for entertainment value.  We both got a laugh out of the list, so I had to share it.  I’ll let you guess which ones are facetious and which are actually genuine.

10.  It’s snowing

9.  It’s raining

8.  It’s cloudy

7.  I need to change my clothes

6. It’s hailing somewhere in Ohio (or Indiana, or Michigan)

5. There was a tornado last night (somewhere in the country)

4. My co-worker’s son is sick

3. Some guy is stopping by to buy my camper

2. It’s the anniversary of my first day of work (or my wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of… )

And the # 1 reason to leave work early is… (drum roll please):

1. Thunderstorms are heading toward my house and I need to beat them home


One response to “Top 10 Reasons to Leave Work Early

  1. I guess if his wiring is old and he doesn’t have UPS or decent surge suppressors, I could understand why he would want to get home.

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