Editing Box Too Small on WordPress? Tweak This Setting

I’ve been grumbling over the editing box on wordpress for months because it’s way too small, I can’t see what I’m typing, it’s hard to make formatting edits, yada yada, and recently came across a little setting that has really made my blogging life easier.  To increase the size of the blog editing box, do this:

1.  Go to your wordpress dashboard:  http://[yourblogname].wordpress.com/wp-admin/

2.  On the left menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on Settings.

3.  More options will appear on the left, under the word Settings – click on Writing

4.  You’ll see a setting called “Size of the post box” – the default is 10 rows.  Increase this to whatever size you want to make it bigger (I used 50).

wordpress screenshot

It’s the small things that make us happy.


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