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Top 10 Reasons to Leave Work Early


One of my co-workers, who shall remain un-named, comes up with a lot of creative reasons to leave work early.  I started keeping track of them, for entertainment value.  We both got a laugh out of the list, so I had to share it.  I’ll let you guess which ones are facetious and which are actually genuine.

10.  It’s snowing

9.  It’s raining

8.  It’s cloudy

7.  I need to change my clothes

6. It’s hailing somewhere in Ohio (or Indiana, or Michigan)

5. There was a tornado last night (somewhere in the country)

4. My co-worker’s son is sick

3. Some guy is stopping by to buy my camper

2. It’s the anniversary of my first day of work (or my wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of… )

And the # 1 reason to leave work early is… (drum roll please):

1. Thunderstorms are heading toward my house and I need to beat them home


Editing Box Too Small on Wordpress? Tweak This Setting

I’ve been grumbling over the editing box on wordpress for months because it’s way too small, I can’t see what I’m typing, it’s hard to make formatting edits, yada yada, and recently came across a little setting that has really made my blogging life easier.  To increase the size of the blog editing box, do this:

1.  Go to your wordpress dashboard:  http://[yourblogname]

2.  On the left menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on Settings.

3.  More options will appear on the left, under the word Settings – click on Writing

4.  You’ll see a setting called “Size of the post box” – the default is 10 rows.  Increase this to whatever size you want to make it bigger (I used 50).

wordpress screenshot

It’s the small things that make us happy.

Sneak Preview of New Mobile Job Application

Next week myStaffingPro is releasing a new mobile job application. I thought I’d share a sneak preview of the new technology. When released, hundreds of organizations will immediately give their applicants the gift of a mobile friendly career site.

Designers and developers were given three goals for this application:

  • High usability
  • Integrated employment branding
  • Robust online application functionality

 The career site, accessed directly from the employer’s corporate web site, launches with a career search page that looks and feels like an app, and showcases the employer’s brand:

Designed for “fat fingers”, applicants can select a job with just one touch:

Social networking tools are embedded into each job posting. Information the applicant actually cares about is presented in a simple layout:

Only minimal information is requested in easy to use form fields (again, with the small screen in mind):

Full prescreening functionality supported – customized to each job:

The applicant is given the opportunity,via an email in his inbox, to attach additional documents, like a resume and/or cover letter, to the application by using his personal computer.

I’ve seen a lot of hype out there about mobile applications. Many companies are just tweaking the width of their web site and calling that “mobile.” To create a truly mobile experience, developers need to take the time to design and develop an application that is easy to use on a small screen, contains only the information that is important to the user, and has the look and feel mobile users have become accustomed to. If you’ve created a mobile web site you’re proud of, please let me know! I’d be very interested to take a look at it, and maybe even highlight it on my blog.

We Have Been Deemed Worthy

Since I shared my frustration in trying to adopt a dog in a previous post, I had to post an update welcoming our new dog, Zoey!

She is approximately one year old, a mix of German Shepherd, Lab, and potentially other breeds, and wears an attractive black and brown coat.  Her future goals include chasing our children in the backyard, and learning how to sit.  She hails from Lima, Ohio. 


We are excited to welcome Zoey to our family!