5 Hiring Process Time Killers (And How to Fix Them with Technology)

Sometimes it just feels like there’s a lot of waiting during the hiring process.  Does this sound familiar?  Applicants apply online.  Someone in HR reviews the applications and pushes them to the hiring managers.  HR waits for feedback.  HR calls the hiring manager to try to speed the feedback process along.  The hiring manager decides on an interview.  Now we need to coordinate schedules.  Got the interview scheduled – great applicant!  Submit a background check.  But wait, we need more info from the applicant.  Wait for the applicant to fill out the forms.   Wait for the background check to be complete.  Try to get a hold of the applicant to submit the offer.  Wait for the applicant’s response.  Wait some more.  You get the picture.

A good applicant tracking system has tools to help speed all this along, and that will make everyone involved happier.  Check them out:

Time Killer # 1: Waiting for Feedback from the Hiring Manager

OK, so you’ve got a great career site and the applicants are flocking in.  HR shares some great applicants with hiring managers, but getting good feedback can be painful.  To speed things along HR can use email and an online portal to automatically push the best candidates to the hiring manager(s) for feedback.  The hiring manager simply clicks a link in an email, reviews the applicant information, then fills out his feedback about the applicant on a web portal.  All the feedback is recorded, and immediately submitted back to HR.  If the hiring manager takes too long to reply, he’ll receive an auto-email reminder. 

Time Killer #2:  Coordinating Schedules for an Interview

At the same time the hiring manager submits her feedback about the applicant, she can also indicate if she wants an interview scheduled.  If so, she can immediately enter her scheduling availability into the feedback portal.  An email is generated to the applicant, inviting him to an interview, and asking him to pick the best time available.  He picks a time, receives directions, information about what to bring, and an email reminder.  Both HR and the hiring manager are notified via email about the appointment that has been scheduled, and can easily add to the appointment to their calendars by clicking a link.  Multiple days are shaved off the hiring process by automating the feedback and interview scheduling.

Time Killer #3:  Collecting Information for a Background Check

Getting a signed background release form can be a major time killer, but it doesn’t have to be.  Upon scheduling an interview with the applicant, ask him to complete an online background check collection process before his interview date.  The applicant can enter his previous addresses, contact information, date of birth, SSN, and electronically sign the background release form, all in a secure, private online repository.  The information is ready and waiting to electronically submit to the background vendor after an offer is made.  NOTE:  Depending on state laws, the information might have to be collected after an offer is made, but it can still be automated.

Time Killer #4:  Communicating the Offer

Now you’ve found a great candidate and you want to make an offer.  Sometimes it feels like a game of cat and mouse to effectively communicate the offer to a candidate and get an absolute response.   Solution = build an offer workflow into your hiring process.  Not only can you configure a more traditional internal Offer Approval Workflow, you can also deliver the complete offer letter to the applicant through an Offer Portal.  Simply give the applicant a call, letting him know you would love to bring him on board, and instruct him to expect the offer letter via email.  He can then review it at his leisure, contact you for a counter offer, or electronically sign the offer letter, saving a lot of time and voice mail.  Plus, you end up with a complete, signed offer letter attached to the applicant’s record.

Offer Letter Review 

Time Killer #5:  Ordering the Background Check

Integrate the background check ordering process into your ATS.  If you’ve collected the information ahead of time, it can be pushed to a background vendor without having to duplicate data entry.  Results can be imported automatically into your system, making the process even slicker.

These are just a handful of pain points in the hiring process that can be addressed with technology.   Be creative, research technology providers, and ask their support teams to help you solve problems.  Often software providers have built in solutions you haven’t even heard of yet.  Tackle one problem at a time, and one day you’ll realize you have shaved days or weeks off your hiring process!


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