Your Job Applicants Don’t Like Entering Sensitive Info Up Front

You’re busy. You’re hiring.  And you’re trying to reduce your time to fill.  You think, “Well, if I ask my applicants to give me their SSN, previous addresses, criminal history, and all that during the initial application, that will cut out the time to do that later.  I’ll be ready to run a background check at any time.  I’ll really cut down my time to fill!”

Yes, you will cut down your time to fill.  But you might lose some great applicants in the process.  What if I told you that you can cut your time to fill just as much, while still being nice to your applicants?  Asking for sensitive information up front erodes the trust you are trying to build when an applicant applies to your organization. Plus, it’s really time consuming for the applicant.  Instead, try this:

  1. When you invite the applicant in for a face to face interview, send an email to the applicant confirming the date and time.  (You should be able to configure your ATS to auto-generate the email upon a status update – if you can’t, see myStaffingPro.)
  2. In the body of the email, include instructions on filling out your phase 2 application.  Provide a link the applicant can use to fill out the application online.  Ask the applicant to complete the information before the interview.
  3. Configure the phase 2 application to present the information needed for a background check.  Include the ability to eSign the FCRA/ background release form so you have that on hand.

Because the applicant is excited about a face to face interview, he will be inspired to fill out the application.  His trust in your organization will not be eroded, because he has communicated with a real person.  Your time to fill is the same as if you had asked for the information up front.

Everyone wins!


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