5 Easy Ways IT Can Help the Environment

  1. Slim Down Your Servers
    Those old, boxy servers you’re hanging on to are probably power hogs. Upgrade to newer servers and you’ll not only save on energy, you’ll also benefit from better performance.
  2. Virtualize
    Cut down on the number of servers through virtualization. If you have an application that needs its own server but doesn’t take up a lot of memory or CPU, it’s a perfect candidate for co-locating with another server on the same piece of hardware. With virtualization, you can run different OS’s on the same equipment, and as an added bonus, backup and restoration are very easy.
  3. Help HR Go Paperless
    Save trees and make HR happy by switching from paper job applications to a SaaS applicant tracking system, complete with web-based career site. Go even further and setup paperless new hire paperwork, such as the I-9 and W-4, through an online onboarding process. Digitize all those annoying health insurance enrollment papers by upgrading to an online benefit enrollment system. AutoZone documented their savings by going paperless in just the hiring process, and discovered they save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in paper, mailing and faxing costs (source).
  4. Don’t Trash, Donate
    Before you trash that old IT and telecom equipment, call your area non-profits. In our area, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore (resale outlet) will accept old computers, racks, etc. as donations, then turn around and sell them, or break them down and sell off reusable materials. You get a tax deduction, and the warm feeling of helping another organization, all while reducing waste.
  5. Embrace the Cloud
    Whether you go to the cloud by utilizing managed services such as Azure, or by taking advantage of the many robust web-based systems available, using online services reduces our combined environmental footprint. By leveraging web-based systems, resources are shared. Instead of one thousand companies each maintaining their own HRIS system, for example, they can each purchase licenses on an HRIS solution hosted by the vendor, maximizing server space and bandwidth. Another advantage is that good SaaS vendors are experts in their line of business, allowing IT to leverage best-practice systems without having to become experts themselves.

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