Use the WordPress Publicize Feature To Promote Social Media Sharing

If you have a WordPress blog, it’s a good idea to turn on a new feature they call “Publicize”. This new feature allows you to automatically push your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also, and I like this feature the best, will add “Share This” icons to each of your blog entries, including, “Tweet”, “Facebook”, “Email” and more, so that your readers can share your blog on their own social media sites with just a click or two.

Two Ways to Turn the Feature On:

1st Option: When you post a blog entry by clicking the “Publish” button, WordPress will prompt you with “Post published. View post | Want more traffic? Turn on the Publicize feature“.  Click on the “Turn on the Publicize feature” link.

2nd Option: I often post via Microsoft Word, so I couldn’t get the above link without having to un-post and then re-post a blog entry. I think that’s strange, so I found this shortcut – just cut and paste the following link into a new browser window, and replace [your blog here] with the name of your blog: http://%5Byour blog here] (you have to be logged into WordPress to use this feature).

Configuring the Publicize Feature

You’ll be prompted with a page entitled “Sharing Settings”.  The top section, “Publicize”, allows you to push your new blog entries automatically to your own Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Messenger sites.  I already use TwitterFeed to do this, so I left this section alone.  (But if you’re interested, read this.)

WordPress Share Button Section

The Share Button section is what we really want.   The available Share Buttons are listed to the right of “Available Services.”  For each one you want (I recommend using them all), click on it, and drag it to the right of “Enabled Services.”  You have to click and drag for each button individually.  

 Screen shot after you drag the buttons you want to “Enabled Services”:

WordPress Share Button

You can re-order the buttons by clicking and dragging them.  I recommend putting Twitter & Facebook first, followed by Email.  Those seem to be the most popular options for readers.

At the bottom of the page click on the Save Changes button, and now all of your blog posts will have the ability to share your entry on Twitter, Facebook, et al with just a few clicks!

Screen shot of the buttons at the bottom of your blog posts:

Publicize Feature on WordPress


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  1. Fantastic – Thank You.

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