What’s So Great About Netflix?

As I continue my examination of mega-popular web applications, I’m hoping to glean some insights that can be applied to HR Technology.  My next target is Netflix – purveyor of movies on demand.  Did its web application contribute to its success?  Let’s examine what attracted so many users.

It Works
Not only was its concept of sending videos through mail ground-breaking because of the speed at which they were delivered to customers, Netflix’s ability to stream consistent video over a variety of internet devices and connections has attracted large numbers of loyal customers.  I must admit that I’m one of them.  I am amazed at the quality of the video streamed over my Playstation 3, or laptop.  If I try to watch the same video of a TV show, for example, on the network’s web site, it is usually choppy or takes 5 years to load.

Singular Focus
The concept of the “movie queue” is simple and attractive to users.  The web site focuses on videos (movies, TV, etc.).  That’s it.

Easy to Use
My kids caught on to it too quickly.  Soon I was getting “Scooby Doo” sent to me in the mail instead of my latest choice.  So easy a 5 year old could do it.  I wonder if they tested the app with 5 year olds?

To be fair to the HR Technology arena, we don’t have the luxury of just being able to focus on one thing.  HR is a complex field.  However, focusing on the user and what is important to him/her is key.  In an applicant tracking system, each user has his own focus.  Is the interface for that user centered around that focus?


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