What Makes Google So Great?

Google is one of the biggest success stories of the dot net boom.  What is it about the software that attracts millions of users?

It Works
When a user enters a keyword into Google, she trusts that the results displayed are very thorough, and that Google has delved into the depths of the world wide web.  Google was arguably the first search engine to bring such powerful software to its users.

It’s Transparent
Google doesn’t filter the data based on a guess of what you want (at least not without telling you first).  You decide what to filter on.  Plus, it doesn’t sneak ads in among the data, making it hard to discern between sponsored information and “organic” searches.  Sources of information are clearly labeled.

Little Brain Effort Required
The user doesn’t have to understand exactly what he is looking for to find information.  He can use Google without having to think.

Simplicity & Ease of Use
Like facebook, Google streamlines it’s user interface to require no training, and to hide advanced features from the novice user. 

Many other factors have attributed to its success as a company, the above just touches on the success of the software.  Google raised the bar all of the other software companies must strive to achieve.  Are we there yet?


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