What is it About Facebook That Caused Its Rapid Adoption?

What is it about Facebook that caused its rapid adoption?  There isn’t ground-breaking technology behind facebook.  Technically speaking, it’s a pretty basic web site.  So where does its success come from?

To setup an account, you just have to enter an email, name and password. You are then ready to go. You can import your contacts, and immediately find some friends.

Ease of Use
Anyone can use it, no training required. Because many of its advanced features are hidden from the novice user, s/he isn’t overwhelmed by too many options.

It Connects Us
A basic human need is to feel connected.  Facebook meets that need, with minimum effort on the user.  Communication is its primary function, and we all love to communicate.

It Pushes the Data to Me
I don’t have to go out and search for the data I want (thought I can), it pushes my friends conversations, photos and events to me.  How easy is that?

It Promotes “Me”
We all want to feel special, and share part of ourselves with our friends and acquaintences, and facebook does that.  It helps us feel good about ourselves.  We can “show-off” without really showing off, just by uploading a few pictures, or typing a few words.  And by the way… they are very wise to have a Like button, but not a Dislike button. 

Peer Pressure
Yes, peer pressure has played a part in its success.  The question, “Are you on facebook?” has encouraged many reluctant users to join.  The ability to easily email a friend from facebook encouraging him/her to join has helped too.

All of these features and benefits can be integrated into business software as well, and wise technology companies will do so.  (At myStaffingPro, we do just that for HR folks).


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