My Christmas Wishes for You

My Christmas wishes for you:

  • I wish that you will embrace computer technology as friend rather than foe.  Don’t hold back because you think that you are too old/ too non-techie/ too whatever – rather, jump in and get your hands dirty and figure out what it can do for you.  It’s a tool, like anything else!  Use it as you would a hammer, or wheels, or an automatic washing machine – just do it.
  • I wish that you will have confidence in yourself and your ideas and your likes.  Don’t let society, experts, or facebook friends determine your path.  Listen, filter and decide for yourself.  It’s your life, after all.
  • I wish that you would stop and smell the coffee.  That’s my version of stop and smell the roses – and it means that you take time for just sitting and thinking – that you get off the rat race and relax, with a great cup of coffee, of course.
  • I wish that you will embrace Christmas for what it is – the celebration of God with us.  It’s not about Black Friday or even Santa, it’s about God stepping down into humanity and demonstrating that nothing is worth more than getting to know Him better.  Humiliation, suffering, death, all pale in comparison to that.


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