Free to Live

Sometimes we get so wrapped in our to-dos, in perfecting our trade, that we forget what it’s all about.  It’s about living.  Business, technology, human resources, education, all of it is about making it through life with peace, love, grace, dignity, and comfort.

I don’t care how many times I was taught in business school that the primary goal of business is to make a profit, business is not about the bottom line.  Business is about providing a certain quality of life for its employees, stakeholders, customers and suppliers, while maintaining itself through profitability.  Money at its root is trade – we trade the skills and products we have to get other skills or products that improve our lives.  The trade should always be a win-win.

Business should be our slave, our tool to help us live more comfortably, to allow us to spend our time on our strengths and let others help us out with our weaknesses.

Business serves its purpose when it allows us to be free to live.


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